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About Me - Ian Kietzman

I am currently on the rebound from a torrid, but ultimately heartbreaking, seven year love affair with the biosciences, during which I received my B.S. degree in Genetics from the University of Kansas, moved halfway across the country to enroll in and promptly drop out of graduate school, and entered into the agricultural biochemistry industry only to become disenchanted with the routine and inefficiency of big business. This has led me to branch out in search of new opportunities, and after taking (and soon completing) a Web Design Certificate program through North Carolina State University, I am now offering my services as a web designer and webmaster.

My wife and I live in Knightdale, North Carolina with our two dogs. In my spare time I am a huge fan of sports of all types and the great outdoors in general, I am an aspiring world traveler, and I enjoy cold beverages in the evening, as well as warm ones in the morning.

Ian Kietzman